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Welcome to the Maya count of time - the Thirteenth Baktun.

With Joy, Compassion, Grace and Heart Love we wish you a good journey this day. May you find inspiration and interest in what you see and read.                                 

Our work is to support every effort to manifest positivity, create a spiritual unity and place in the minds and hearts of people, a good vision on Earth for the future of all life. 

Autumn Equinox 2016 was the Farewell to Elder Hunbatz Men at Lol Be, Yucatan and the Celebration of his life. We were together with all his Family and Friends and Solar Initiates, Cosmic Mystery Schools and all other kin around the world in Meditation on World international Peace Day and International day of the Crystal Skulls Oh Yum Hunabku Evam Maya E ma Ho. 

We draw upon the wisdom of indigenous peoples across the world. By highlighting the way they live we hope to inspire, teach and show that a loving compassionate life is possible even with the daily demands that are made on us. New consciousness enables us to choose between sustainability or self-indulgence, community or personal gain and awareness or 'cultural hypnosis'.  

Particular emphasis is placed upon the Maya of Mexico and Guatemala, for we have traveled extensively in these regions. Since 1987, we have consistently given out a positive message to counter the mis- information which has now become global regarding Maya calendars. Our recent direction has been to organize and facilitate Vision Council  meetings. 

The human race is experiencing a major transition , and it is for each of us to help determine what the outcome may be. Whatever that may mean for us as the dominant species, one thing is certain,  planet Earth (Madre Tierra) will continue for a long time into the future. As we face this transition we can remain helpless or take steps to a positive future. We wish you a good 2017.

From Mikhail & Alloa Patricia Mercier,

Elders and Guardians of the Sun & Serpent Maya Mysteries School



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The Mysteries School.

We are committed to a common theme of research, study and dissemination of traditional indigenous wisdom, linking it with sustainable environmental initiatives to unite people and build the spirit of community  for awakening humanity and healing of Mother Earth.

Who we are.

Michael Baker (Mikhail) and Patricia Mercier (Alloa) . Plus video of Alloa's work. 

Beyond 2012

We promote positive ideas and initiatives that lead to peace, harmony and compassionate understanding for all life forms in the belief that the human race is on the brink of a quantum leap to a new understanding of who we really are as Beings of Light. 

Sustainable Transition.

The tribal  or "belonging" instinct lies deep within us but modern life erodes and threatens this, replacing it with fear and loneliness. Community and social initiatives such as the Transition Town movement make inner and outer transition possible, replacing fear, loneliness and depression with renewed hope. 

Findhorn Community

Keep up to date here with recent events at Findhorn Foundation, Scotland.


We include Reiki in our website because in our experience, Reiki is a way of life. Although we are professional therapists in several disciplines, we recognize Reiki to be beneficial not only as a healing modality, but also to assist as a  directional change to daily living. 

Earth Energies.

How and where we may explore a deeper relationship with the Earth in the way of our ancestors. 

The Sun & Serpent

This refers to the Earth Energy line that crosses the UK - otherwise known as a Ley Line or The Michael Mary Line.  

Teachings - archive.

More about the online Mysteries School. 

Prayer to the Seven Directions for ceremonial use in the Maya tradition.


NEW PHOTOS ADDED MARCH 2012. Books and artwork by Patricia Mercier. 'Crystal Skulls & the Enigma of Time', 'Maya End Times', 'The Chakra Bible', 'The Chakra Experience', are amongst the major publications by visionary and author Patricia.

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We are available to give all levels of Reiki training in U.K. and Spain. 

Evolving Consciousness

The path in the years ahead.